Applied Geophysics Center was established based on Decision No. 369 / QD-VLĐC dated September 3, 2013. As an independent unit, performing the task of researching, transferring science and technology and providing products and services in the field of earth physics. Although the establishment was not long, with limited facilities and funding, but with the efforts of the Center is staff  together with the investment and cooperation of domestic and foreign partners and agencies, The center has achieved a number of significant achievements in the field of scientific research and technology transfer in the field of earth physics, contributing to the development of science and technology products applied in real life. 

Some photos at the Institute of Geophysics, The headquarters of the Applied Geophysics Center is exhibited on the second floor of the Institute. 

So far, the Center has been carrying out many research programs / topics at different levels: local, ministry level, national and international level in the field of atmospheric science. Especially, The center is a highly reputed consultancy unit in areas such as natural disaster prevention and warning. Consulting design and construction of construction sites to ensure technical safety… for many international projects and programs that sponsor Vietnam. Some products from research works at AGPC. 

The center has had comprehensive cooperation with many organizations, Ministries and agencies, Research institutes and universities, domestic and foreign production facilities for geophysics. With an increasingly important role of science and technology products not only in socio-economic development, the Center is making efforts to research and transfer models of technology product development, bringing scientific research products closer to real life. With the mission of being a bridge connecting scientific research and social reality. Applied Geophysics Center will make every effort in the industrialization of the nation today.

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