Lightning Protection Certification

Lightning Protection Certification

For the measurement of earth resistance of the lightning protection system annually:

- According to Article 7 of Decree No. 79/2014 / ND-CP dated July 31, 2014 of the Government stipulating that facilities having risk of fire and explosion, specified in Appendix II issued with this Decree must have lightning protection system to ensure safety in fire prevention.

- According to the National Standard TCVN 9385: 2012 "Lightning protection for construction sites - Guidance on the design, inspection and maintenance of the system" the inspection of lightning protection systems is conducted periodically, preferably not exceeding 12 months.

- It is mandatory to conduct periodic checking and measurement of earth resistance of the lightning protection system. Units that are responsible to measure, check grounding resistance of lightning protection systems: Department of Science and Technology, Electricity Company, units with inspection function as prescribed by Vietnamese Government. Fire protection police check the ground resistance measurement of lightning protection system. 

Theo Article 35, Decree No. 167/2013 / ND-CP of the Government: Provisions on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of security, social order and safety; Prevention of social evils; fire protection; prevention and control of domestic violence:

Article 35. Violation of regulations on fire prevention and fighting safety in the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of lightning protection systems

1.  Caution or a fine of between VND 100,000 and 300,000 for acts of failing to have a lightning protection monitoring record as prescribed.

2. A fine ranging from VND 300,000 to VND 500,000 shall be imposed for failing to periodically check the lightning protection system as prescribed.

3. A fine of from VND 5,000,000 to VND 10,000,000 shall be imposed for failure to correct errors or damage that invalidates the lightning protection system.

4. A fine of from VND 10,000,000 to VND 25,000,000 shall be imposed for failing to install a lightning protection system for houses and works subject to installation of a lightning protection system as prescribed.

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