The major fields of the Applied Geophysics Center (AGPC) focus on key areas of interest, including: research on lightning, storms, tropical depressions and heavy rainfalls. For each field of study, the Applied Physics Center divides and organizes its divisions and in-depth research scientists into each field. Ensuring that the given information is valid for social life and scientific significance.

  • - Create maps of thunderstorm activity
  • - Building database of thunderstorms managed by GIS geographic information system
  • - Thunderstorm  data collection
  • - Conduct a basic survey measuring lightning parameters
  • - Data analysis clarifies the mechanism of thunderstorm activities in the territory of Vietnam
  • - Propose solutions to prevent natural disasters caused by thunderstorms
  • - Studying the mechanism of formation and development of each storm level
  • - Forecast storm track, intensity and damage caused by storms
  • - Research and apply vorticity initialization in operational forecasting 
  • - Provide information and propose solutions to respond to storms formed in areas near Vietnam. 
  • - Study the the effects of topography and lifting dynamics on typical heavy rainfalls with high-resolution numerical model
  • - Study on rainfall forecast using numerical model
  • - Studying the causes and mechanism of heavy rainfall by dynamic method combining statistics and synop
  • - Research and forecast heavy rainfalls caused by tropical depression, storm and cold surge,…

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